• Power Control Centre is the centre to control & distribution of power for any various industrial applications or commercial structure.
  • We offered PCC’s by fully compartmentalised Fixed type of panels available with the combination of Switch gears like ACB,MCCB,SFU & ISOLATORS.
  • PCC carries a very high current and low voltage.
  • Our range of PCC’s upto 4000A rating, with the operational Voltage of 415V in a 3 phase 4 wire system.
  • PCC’s operation is to protect the sub panel boards and equipments from short circuit, Overload, & Earth Fault with suitable in built releases available in ACB’s & MCCB’s.
Doule bus bar panel
  • Double Busbar Panel consists of two main busbar systems, independently for each power sources like EB or DG power.
  • In general with double busbar panel each feeders are connected to both the buses.
  • If all the feeders are feeded by EB Source whenever EB fails or maintenance purpose, we can easily transfer all the feeder to DG side and run the plants without any production loss.
  • Mechanical & Electrical interlocks are compulsory in double busbar panels.We also provide indication lamp to identify whether the load is in EB nor DG Side.
  • These panels are used for load management and load sharing of all critical & non-critical loads.
Doule bus bar panel
  • A Power distribution board has the operation to distribute electrical power from incomer to many outgoing circuits or user points.
  • In generally the distribution board consists of single or multiple incoming power sources and includes MCB,ELCB,and ELMCB.
  • Incoming & outgoing sections are differentiated in systematic manner.
Power distribution board
  • ATS Control panel is a change over panel its automatically transfer the supply between EB and standby DG.
  • Generally these panels are used to transfer the system from grid supply to DG supply and vice versa without any manual operation and time delay.
  • In these ATS Control Panel panels also electrical and mechanical interlock are compulsory that keep safe from any breakdown.
  • With the use of selector switch we can operate this panels in manual mode also.
ATS  control Panel
  • We are manufacturing & supplying of large variety’s of Motor Control Centre .
  • These panels are available with the combination of ACB,MCCB,SFU,DOL ,S/D,VFD & SOFT STARTER.
  • It is the control centre for automatic/manual operation by means of Starting and stopping of the motor.
  • This MCC’s are widely used for the purpose to reduce the starting voltage, reverse controlling, and protection against overload and single phasing faults.
  • These MCC panels are designed by several schemes incorporated in each feeder as per customer requirement.
  • Our range of this panels are available in standard as well as customized size.
motor control center
  • Metering Panel Board,When the supply comes out from the secondary side of the transformer first it should enter into the metering panel board
  • EB metering panel consists of R/W FUSE Carrier ,CT’s, KWH and one outgoing protection for load.
  • Normally it is used to Monitoring the KWH Readings for EB officials and the meter compartment would be sealed.
Metering Panels
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction is the combination of different range of capacitors that are switched automatically by means of contactor /thyristors.
  • These are controlled by one APFC controller this controller regulates and switching the capacitors that how much KVAR needed to maintain power factor in an connected load.
  • We provide more space for capacitor bank in APFC panels for heat dissipation.
  • We also offer timer for Re-switching ON of the Capacitor Bank before it is fully discharged.
Automatic Power Factor Correction panel
  • Synchronizing Panels are the Main Panel having one EB source source and two DG source connected to the common busbar.
  • During normal operation all the feeders are feeded by EB Source.
  • During EB fails, AMF Panel will start the DG-1 automatically if the load exceeds more than 90% in DG-1 Synchronising relay gave command to start DG-2 and DG-2 will start automatically and both the synchronisation relay checks the parameters like magnitude of Voltage, Phase angle and Frequency if the all are the three parameters matches then the relay will give command to start the DG-2 incomer breaker in Main Panel .Thus the synchronisation done.
Synchronizing Panels
  • The name itself tells the meaning that Automatic Main Failure Panels
  • This panel is used to transfer the supply from EB to DG.
  • During EB fails, AMF relay send command to DG control panel and start the DG.
  • When DG starts load are feeded by DG source.When EB resumes the AMF relay send command to DG control panel to stop the DG.
AMF Panels

Rising electrical mains to the main electrical power cables that are installed in a multi-story commercial building. Typically the main power supply cables will come into the building underground and will be accessible in the building through a specially built raceway.

At each floor, there will typically be a tap-off to supply power to each floor. The rising mains will run the entire height of the building. Raising Main work must be done according to the National Electrical Code (NEC).

rising electrical mains

Busduct is a sheet metal duct with aluminium or copper bus bars, and used as a reliable link for transferring power from one equipment to other at desired voltage levels. It is used as an alternate means for conducting electricity to cable bus and power cables.

Busduct are classified into various types depending on its application viz isolated phase Busducts, segregated phase busducts, non-segregated phase busducts

bus duct